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The NX2 features

Leading edge Mini-ribs;

Trailing edge Mini-ribs;

Tapered leading edge;

loaded stabilizers;

Split leading edge;


Test jumpers report that the Nexus opens soft with a great opneing that is predictable and easy to control. 

The NX2 packs very close to a little smaller than comparable-sized wings in its class.


The NX2 has a very intuitive flare and fun handling. Compared to other wings in its class the wing offers more response on the harness inputs.


The controls are progressive with a long-range and strong flare. The front and rear riser pressures are very manageable and allow the wing to be flown effectively with differing inputs.


At lighter wing-loadings (.8 to 1.2) the NX2 is very docile and easy and ideally suited for beginners and intermediate jumpers.


At higher wing-loadings (above 1.5+) the NX2 gets more responsive and the performance gets higher along with speeds. This effect becomes more pronounced with smaller sizing.



  • Top surface cloth: ZP

  • Bottom surface cloth: ZP

  • Rib cloth: ZP

  • Lines:  CSR 575 lb Vectran Hybrid  (750 lb available on request) or Edelrid Technora (HMA) 650lb


The Nexus is available in sizes 107 (pending), 120, 135, 150, 170, 190 and 210 (pending).

Recommended jump #s: 100-500+


NX2 Wing Specifications

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 5.17.22 PM.png

Standard Blue

Standard Purple

Standard Red

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