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The Tesla was designed with the understanding that for some users it will remain their highest performance wing they will fly, while for others it will be a stepping stone into the world of high performance landings and parachute flight. The inputs on the wing were tuned to both be enjoyable and build skills and technique that would be similar to those needed for more advanced wings.


The Tesla is more sensitive to harness input than other wings in its class. The wing's roll response is almost effortless and harness response yields a connected feeling to the wing, preparing users for the feel of more advanced wings like the Helix.


The most common feedback we hear from those that have flown the Tesla is that it’s the best opening parachute they have flown its class. During testing we have found the openings to be smooth, well-staged and progressive, being easily manageable with the ability to “fly through the opening” with riser or harness input.


Note: The Tesla is a high performance wing and must be deployed as such. The wing requires precise packing and body awareness during opening, sloppy packing or asymmetry will be very evident with a Tesla.

Rear Risers:

The Tesla was designed to have exceptional range and response on rear risers. It has more power on rears than similar wings on the market. The pressure is intuitive and the feedback is predictable. This wing was designed to provide a good platform for the user to learn and develop good rear riser technique while still being somewhat forgiving.


Front Risers:

The front risers were designed to behave much like those of other high performance wings (Helix The front risers begin moderate to light and then build to more pressure in a progressive manner. The features of the front risers are also meant to build skills that are useful on more advanced wings.


Controls (toggles)

The control inputs provide a strong flare that has great swoop characteristics. The inputs are progressive with slight effects early in the range and more dynamic results as the input increases. The control inputs are designed to be comfortable for those who prefer to use toggle (control) inputs alone rather than for those who prefer to combine them with other inputs (rear riser etc.) with good transitions between those inputs.

Tesla Wing Specifications


  • Top Surface: ZP

  • Bottom Surface: ZP

  • Ribs: ZP

  • Lines: 575 LB Vectran

Stock color pattern: Black center top skin with the remaining top skins a choice of blue, yellow, or red. White internal ribs and bottom skin.

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