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Available for a Limited Time Only


The Wairwolf is a limited-release wing available in 3 color patterns. Each wing will be available until we exhaust the available material. Our calculations suggest we have enough for approximately 50 wings, so get on it! The Wairwolf is only available in all FT-30 configurations (a proprietary Fluid Wings material) and in select color patterns.


The Wairwolf is a 7-cell, cross-braced, tri-taper wing that is a departure from our original Airwolf wing. It has significant changes to trim, planform, and materials. Test pilots report the steepest and fastest 21-cell wing they have ever flown. They also report that the wing has improved opening characteristics and lots of sink and dive throughout all the flight modes.


The Wairwolf is suitable for competent high-performance pilots only and represents a significant step up in performance from our Airwolf model.


New features:

  • Improved opening performance

  • New planform shaping

  • Steeper line trim

  • 5% reduction in line drag

  • All FT-30 construction for a more rigid wing and less distortion

  • Increased roll-rate and overall more harness response

  • Steeper, longer rollouts with more power

  • New FT-30 fabric colors specifically for this release

  • New mini-rib profile


The Wairwolf is available in sizes 67, 69, 71, 75, 79, 84, 90 & 96 

Recommended jump numbers: 1000+



  • Cloth: ZP-Fluid Tech Ft-30.

  • Main lines: 400 lb Vectran

  • Lower brake lines: 750 lb Vectran

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