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The AirWolf is a 7-cell, cross-braced, tri-taper wing that pilots have specifically requested. This wing is meant to complement our line of high-performance wings and augment our lineup - it is not meant as a replacement for the Helix. The AirWolf is instead an alternate flavor of flight. Some pilots have asked for a wing with more dive (longer recovery) and differing handling. We listened! We are happy with the result and you will be too.


The AirWolf is suitable for pilots who already contemplate the progression to a tri-taper design, or for pilots looking for a slightly longer recovery arc than the Helix. This wing falls into the same performance category as other 7-cell (or 21-cell) cross-braced wings with a tri-tapered (curved) leading edge, and is suitable for intermediate, competition-level pilots (FLCPA, etc.) It remains a performance step below our HK wings. With this wing, you have the option to order it as hybrid construction using sail and zero porosity fabric, or all zero porosity (ZP.)


The AirWolf is available in sizes 67, 71, 75, 79, 84, 90, and 96.

Recommended jump numbers: 1000+


  • Cloth: ZP Nylon ripstop and ZP-Fluid Tech Ft-30. (2 configurations available - see order form)

  • Main lines: 400 lb Vectran

  • Lower brake lines: 750 lb Vectran

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