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This is not a revised HK2, it is an entirely clean sheet design and is different in more ways than alike. Do not assume that it is the same performance or use as the HK2. the HK3 will generally outperform and HK2 that is 2 sizes smaller.


  • Profiles optimized for key flight modes used in high-performance flight/competition. Every profile in this wing is a different airfoil tailored for ideal span and chord lift distribution. 

  • Internal line tab attachments to provide a more direct load transfer. 

  • True cell construction - as opposed to the I-beam construction of most parachutes. This gives significantly better shaping and sail tensioning across lift-producing portions of the wing and helps to reduce drag. True cell construction is an all-internal seam construction, which eliminates bulky exterior seams and associated drag.

  • Split top surface trailing edge allows for ideal shaping and load distribution, resulting in an incredible flare and added stopping power.

  • The top skin logo is incorporated, making the HK3 the sexiest wing you have ever laid eyes on. 

  • The HK3 does not ship standard with a pilot chute attachment point (PCA).

  • The HK3 packs approximately half a size to one size bigger than the HK when new. With use it packs similar in size.

Flight Characteristics 

In full flight, the wing flies VERY steep and fast - radically different from the HK2. The HK3 performs very well in the XRW environment and has the speed and descent rate of an HK2 several sizes smaller. 


The recovery arc is the longest of any wing we have produced. The HK3 must be asked to recover as it holds a dive noticeably longer than previous versions in the project. With a supine harness, the HK3 is tuned to reduce boosting, meaning that through correct technique and input, the wing should not climb out of a competition course. The roll behavior is responsive and lively with progressive inputs and resulting speed increases. 


Like many Fluid Wings parachutes, the HK3 loves to be piloted via harness and rear riser inputs. The wing responds well to rear riser inputs, and the harness feedback is intuitive and dialed for competition-level sensitivity.

The flare is improved, with an even better finish and more stopping power than the HK2. Improved shaping and load path refinement on the trailing edge helps pilots extract all the lift available during the last portion of a swoop.


Most pilots will find that even with an up-size from their current HK2 size, they will still see a performance increase on the HK3. Ideal wing loadings on the HK3 are lower than what pilots might choose for their HK2.

Opening Characteristics 

The HK3 was designed with a very specific goal in mind; to go as fast and far as possible. This wing is pure performance and is not intended to be the ultimate daily driver for free fall jumps. No sacrifices to performance were made when designing the HK3, all aspects of the wing were chosen for flight performance. 


Everything in aerodynamics is a give and take. The HK3 was not optimized for terminal deployments (we love the openings). We have researched and tested it to ensure acceptable performance in a terminal environment, we did not develop it with daily jumping in mind (we do have other wings with that type of jumping in mind). 


To use an automotive analogy; the wing is not intended to be used as a daily driver but should be thought of as something you take to the track. (use of the HK3 outside "the track" environment may reduce it's performance life)


To accommodate the complexity of the HK3 build and to keep costs down, certain aspects of manufacturing had to be streamlined.  As a result, color options will remain limited. Custom colors within our specified pattern are available for an additional $500.

The HK3 is built completely out of our proven FT-30 fabric with 1.3mm Technora lines. This way, we achieve the strongest line relative to size whilst maintaining a soft hand to allow for ease of packing and consistent deployments. 


Available in 60*, 64*, 67, 69, 71, 75, 79 and 84.

Demos will be available in most sizes (60 and 64 excluded)

The retail price is set at USD $4,645.00. 

A special review is required for the purchase of 60 or 64 sizes.

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