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**low bulk no longer available

The Prime is a hybrid construction, 9-cell wing that is easy and fun to fly. It is designed to be particularly attractive to the intermediate fun jumper. It can also be flown by a novice when lightly loaded.


The wing has a lower pack volume than any other 9-cell wing in its size range currently on the market and it’s a dream to pack. We use zero porosity (ZP) fabric on top skin, end cells, stabilizers, and slider. We use low porosity fabric for the loaded ribs and a “low bulk” material for the bottom panels and unloaded ribs (for low bulk option wings).


The Prime is designed to get you under a flying wing in an easy, stress-free manner. It has a snivel on the shorter side and a somewhat faster but very progressive inflation. The openings are ideal for activities such as wing suiting and the pilot does not have to provide any input for nice openings.


It boasts the best glide of any parachute in its class. The control inputs are responsive while remaining progressive. A lot of the control response is found deeper in the control range. The wing will dive steeply but recovers quickly from the dive. The front and rear riser pressures are moderate. The Prime stalls like a dream and recovers from both rear riser and control stalls easily with very little surge.


The wing has a low descent rate but yet retains a strong flare that is found deep in the control range. A full continuous flare action timed properly all the way to the end of the control range produces the best results. The flare on this wing can be done with a modern “multi-stage” flare technique however users should combine the stages into a fluid continuous input without pauses in the inputs at any particular stage.



Prime Wing Specifications


  • Top surface cloth: ZP

  • Bottom surface cloth: F111 (low bulk option NOT available at this time)

  • Rib cloth: F111 loaded ribs (low bulk optional on unloaded ribs NOT available at this time)

  • Lines: 750 lb Vectran


Stock color pattern: Black center top skin with the remaining top skins, end rib, and stabilizers a choice of Royal Blue, Red, or Black/White.

White internal ribs and bottom skin.


The Prime is available in sizes 120, 135, 150, 170, and 190.

Recommended jump #s: <100+

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