Order Process

Order Process:


1. Submit your order pay deposit online by clicking on Order Wing Tab and –Email sales@fluidwings.com either with your filled out order form or your desired wing.



2. We will confirm your order and invoice a deposit for materials (typically $1000).



3. You will receive a confirmation of the wing. Respond to sales@fluidwings.com if anything is not to your liking. This is your last chance to make changes.



4. Sit back relax and get updates as your wing is built. Note: you will typically see a cutting notification quickly, and then there will be a delay of several weeks after the prep phase. Once you get the email that your wing has started assembly (I-beams) you’ll really see the pace pick up.  Check in often at : Wing Status Update to see where your wing is at in production



5. Confirm your shipping address once we have final inspection complete.



6. Install pack and jump your new bad-ass flying machine! 



7. Enjoy cold beverage as a reward for a jump well done! (ok this is optional)



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