Ultra-light Harness

Our harness is lightweight and reversible into a backpack - great for a hike and fly. When used as a backpack it has plenty of room for your wing and features an expansion zipper to help accommodate any extra gear. When used as a harness it has connections on the shoulders for an optional belly-mount reserve, a chest strap to help position the shoulder straps right where you want them (and keep them there), and rings for a speed bar system (not included). Carabiners are included. Produced for Fluid Wings by Sky Paragliders.


The harness is not certified and is not provided with any form of back protection. Therefore it is highly recommended that pilots be experienced and have mastered take-offs and landings.


The harness comes in two sizes: Medium < 175 cm and Large > 175 cm.


The sizing is only provided as a general guideline. We recommend trying the harness first for sizing and fit.


Also, note that the frequent winter use and thick layers of clothes require larger sizing.


Features include:

  • High stability harness geometry

  • Reinforced bottom of backpack

  • Cooling spacer foam back pad

  • Comfortable leg straps

  • Low weight: Medium size = 0.9 kg and Large size = 0.95 kg


The harness is delivered with 2 carabiners.