This is a wing designed specifically with performance in mind.


Some of its key features are:

1. A tri-tapered leading edge

2. An original airfoil optimized for higher wing loadings, with state of         the art CFD (computational fluid dynamics simulations)

3. All sail construction

4. The latest in mini-rib designs

5. Low profile Vectran lines

6. Other design elements to ensure absolute performance


The HK also provides exceptional rear riser performance, and brakes designed to provide high stopping power even at high wing loading and small wing sizes. Throughout the design process, every consideration was given to this wing for competition, but it particularly shines in distance events. The wing has performance criteria second to none.


With its steep glide slope, the HK is also highly compatible in an XRW environment. There is an ease of flight for both the HK and wingsuit pilots as it pairs well with many common wingsuits, not requiring large suits regularly found in XRW scenarios.


Notes on the HK Project: The HK Project is the flagship of Fluid Wings' technology. It is an up to date wing with the latest technology for competition canopy piloting. The project will be ever-evolving, with periodic updates to ensure that the current state of the art design is utilized. This process is to ensure that we are providing the best wing possible to those competitors seeking ultimate in performance. No advantages are held in reserve for special pilots with this project. Once a concept is proven for safety and reliability it will be available to all qualified pilots.


HK Wing Specifications


  • Top Surface Cloth: 38g Sail Material 

  • Bottom Surface Cloth: 38g Sail Material 

  • Rib cloth: 38g Sail Material

  • X Brace cloth: 38g Sail Material 

  • Main Lines:  300 lb Vectran

  • Lower Brake Lines: 750 lb Vectran

Custom colors are not available for this wing