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The HS builds on the HK project and is an Ultra HP wing tuned for one purpose, SPEED. This wing is trimmed ultra-steep with incredibly long recovery arcs. It has excellent rear riser performance and is suited for the top competitive pilots in the world. It also has excellent carry and some users prefer it for distance in head-wind conditions. The HS has an entirely new planform and airfoil from the HK as well and a different trim. It is a machine like we have never seen and only for the boldest pilots seeking the ultimate speed.



  • Top Surface Cloth: Sail

  • Bottom Surface Cloth: Sail

  • Rib cloth: Sail

  • X Brace cloth: Sail

  • Main Lines:  300 lb Vectran

  • Lower Brake Lines: 750 lb Vectran

Custom colors are not available for this wing

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