The Loki has a wide speed range, and is able to be flown slowly and fast. It has a trim system to vary the glide angle to speed up or slow down your flight.


You can adjust the glide of your Loki to match your skill and the terrain, even when it is steep. The Loki can be trimmed flat and soared in high winds, or when trimmed steep the wing has an incredible ability to build and retain speed and energy and hug steep terrain. The control inputs are progressive and intuitive. The Loki has a very long brake range, and quite possibly the best flare in its class. It handles well and produces and incredible amount of lift when deep in the control range.


All sizes are very easy to inflate and launch, extremely solid in flight, and offer a progressive and responsive reaction to your inputs.


  • Top surface cloth: Porcher 32g

  • Bottom surface cloth: Porcher 32g

  • Rib cloth: Porcher 40g

  • Upper lines: Edelrid Dyneema

  • Mid lines: Edelrid Dyneema

  • Main riser lines: Cousin Dyneema


Available color options are shown. Custom colors are available at an additional cost in the same pattern.

Loki Speed Wing Specifications