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The new addition to the lineup builds on the already successful Loki speed wing platform.


Retaining excellent launch characteristics and strong flare, the Loki - Ride offers more precise handling and higher speeds. The extended dive allows pilots to remain close to the surface when interacting with steep terrain. This wing is optimized for use in ski-launch environments, and its low weight is ideal for pilots who choose to hike and fly.


The Loki - Ride is available with harness and backpack.



  • Top surface cloth: Porcher 32g

  • Bottom surface cloth: Porcher 32g

  • Rib cloth: Porcher 40g

  • Upper lines: Edelrid Dyneema

  • Mid lines: Edelrid Dyneema

  • Main riser lines: Cousin Dyneema


Available color options are shown. Custom colors are available at an additional cost in the same pattern.