The Nexus features technology new to its class, such as a slight taper to the leading edge; partially closed tips; inflatable tips/stabilizers; and several other technologies developed on our high-performance wings. Test jumpers report that the Nexus opens soft with a nice long snivel that is easy to control.


The Nexus is steeper than our Prime and has a big flare and fun handling. Compared to the Prime, the wing offers a step up in steepness and over all speed and suits those who want a little more from their wing.


The controls are progressive with a long range and strong flare. The front and rear riser pressures are very manageable and allow the wing to be flown effectively with differing inputs.


At lighter wing-loadings (.8 to 1.3) the wing is suitable for beginners and intermediate jumpers. At higher wing-loadings (above 1.7) it can develop some really nice speed and dive for those looking to taste a bit of performance.



  • Top surface cloth: ZP

  • Bottom surface cloth: ZP

  • Rib cloth: ZP

  • Lines: 750 lb Vectran (575 lb available on request)


The Nexus is available in sizes 107, 120, 135, 150, 170 and 190.



Nexus Wing Specifications

Stock color pattern: Black center and outer top skins with the remaining top skins a choice of blue, lemon, or red. White internal ribs and bottom skin.

White slider, unless otherwise specified.

Custom colors = $100 option