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Release: HK Terminal

The HK Terminal is a part of an ongoing project to set new standards for high performance innovation. The HK Terminal is a 27-cell cross-braced wing with a tri-taper leading edge, mini ribs at the trailing edge and optimized inlets on the nose. With a similar design and flight characteristics as the HK, this wing features a hybrid construction of zp ripstop nylon and sail material, making it suitable for freefall deployment speeds. The two wings share an airfoil design highly honed for competition and are aimed at highly experienced pilots. The addition of the HK Terminal builds on the already successful HK and its predecessor, the Helix.

The HK Terminal maintains all the best qualities of the original HK while offering even more versatility. The HK Terminal suits serious pilots who are looking for something well beyond the standard and want a wing that offers both great openings from terminal speeds and exceptional high performance flight. The HK Terminal is available in seven sizes ranging from 64 to 84 square feet.

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