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The Freya is a versatile hybrid mini-wing suitable for mountain flights, soaring, and speedflying - an excellent introduction to mini-wing flight.


The wing has a lower aspect ratio than standard paragliders, better pitch stability, a more responsive roll, and dynamic flight. With the trimmers fully open (steep trim), it can hug the terrain, and link turns in a speed wing fashion. With the trimmers fully closed (flat trim), it has excellent glide and exceptional soaring capabilities.

With the trimmers' wide range, the Freya has a dynamic yet solid feel, an extensive brake range, and predictable stall characteristics. The flare is exceptional for its class. The wing has openings at the tips to release dirt and debris. 

The Freya balances ease of kiting and dynamic and precise control in flight. This wing is intended for intermediate hybrid mini-wing pilots. With instruction, the larger sizes may be suitable for novice pilots. 

Available in 5 sizes: 12m2, 14m2, 16m2, and 18m2, and 20m2 flat. 

Freya Pre-Order Deposit

  • Payment of this invoice indicates acceptance of the entire waiver >>


    Production deposits are for materials assigned to your wing immediately upon order. Therefore, we are unable to refund deposits.

    Production slots are not assigned until the deposit is paid in full.

    We strive to provide excellence in the ordering, service, and manufacture of our products. We stand behind our products and where necessary will repair or replace defective products.

    Due to the custom nature of our product, refunds are not available for wing purchases. By accepting the terms of service I understand that I agree to the waiver in its entirety.

    Invoices must be paid in full within 30 days. Invoices open beyond 30 days will accrue interest at 20% APR. Invoices beyond 60 days late will have the items sold and any deposits/ partial payments forfeited to cover restocking and handling.

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