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Removable sliders allow your wing a little extra breathing room and give you a clear view of everything going on above your head. Get the extra edge in performance by hooking up the included lanyards and having a fully removable deployment system. The rings are top-quality stainless steel and the design has been a standard for nearly 10 years. 


Can be ordered with or without rings (pricing will vary). 


23x31 = HK2, HKT, WairWolf, AirWolf, Helix

24x30 (no snaps) = Gangster, Echo


Sliders are made to order and will take 4-6 weeks to manufacture. 


​CUSTOM LOGO = $50.00

Artwork must be print ready, max size 15" x 18". Email logo to

WHITE ZP sliders only for full-color custom.

One-color custom will be determined at the time of order. 


 PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer custom sizes and do not guarantee that our sliders will work with any other parachute brands. No snaps are offered on size 24x30. 

RDS Slider

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