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The THOR is an intermediate-expert level speed-wing designed for the experience pilot looking for that magic balance of high top end performance with smooth intuitive handling.


This wing comes with a unique riser system allowing for easy, efficient rear riser steering. The design allows for a large, responsive range on rears while providing a seamless transition from rear risers to the control toggle.

The Thor's exceptional trim range allows for a quick and easy launching in little to no wind, yet still being capable of extremely steep and fast descents.

Features include:

Internal cross-bracing combined with Edelrid, magix Pro-dry lines for reducing drag and improving overall efficiency. We use a 10 mm Kevlar reinforced riser for max strength and low drag while incorporating a Ronstan 20mm BB pulley for smooth riser steering and a soft control toggle. The soft toggle design allows for the hand to pass through and grip at the base of the control line ensuring a more direct toggle response along with easy transitions from rear risers to toggles


  • Payment of this invoice indicates acceptance of the entire waiver. 

    Due to the custom nature of our product, refunds are not available for wing purchases. By accepting the terms of service I understand that I agree to the waiver in its entirety.


    We strive to provide excellence in the ordering, service, and manufacture of our products. We stand behind our products and where necessary will repair or replace defective products.

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