S.M.U.R.P.H. Sack

The S.M.U.R.P.H (Super Mega Ultimate Reusable Paraglider Handling) Sack is a lightweight stuff sack perfect for rapid packing or storage of your wing. It includes an internal pocket that the sack collapses into when not in use to take up minimal space in your gear bag. It also includes two compression straps that can be reversed to use as carrying straps for short distances (not padded, but perfect for carrying on your back from your vehicle to the house). Also as part of the design are two additional handles to maximize your carrying choices (You can carry it on your back, in one hand, in two hands, with your teeth - it's totally up to you!) The white Fluid Wings logo is also great for showing off to your pals. Produced for Fluid Wings by Sky Paragliders.



  • Lightweight (8 ounces) and well shaped to accommodate a glider - no need to fully pack the glider after landing.

  • Compact shape.

  • Light, durable material with two compression straps.

  • Easy to pack into a harness pocket on the flight down the mountain.

  • Integrated stowage pocket



  • Packed: 6" x 5" x 1.5"

  • Unpacked: 24" diameter x 11" deep