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The Helix has all the desired characteristics of an everyday wing but it is built to Fluid’s high standards of a modern competition wing. The Helix is intended for freefall use so the deployment performance was a major consideration in the development. It was designed from the beginning to be fun to fly. Whether filming, training, or canopy-piloting, the Helix will energize your jumping and excite you.



The Helix is much more sensitive to harness input than most typical cross-brace wings. The wing rolls almost effortlessly and doesn’t require huge inputs to get the desired result. This only gets better as the wing accelerates.

Rear risers:

Whether you are in flight or swooping, the Helix design was optimized to fly on rear risers. It has more power and a wider range on rears than similar wings on the market. It is very efficient in converting vertical speed into forward speed and is the best in its class on a long spot.



Throughout development and during demos we have received positive feedback from all users regarding the Helix's openings. We have found the openings to be smooth, well-staged, and with less tendency to shake violently or search for a heading during the snivel than some other cross-braced wings.


  • Top surface: ZP

  • Bottom surface: ZP

  • Ribs: Porcher 32g sail

  • Mini ribs: Porcher 32g sail

  • Crossbraces: Porcher 38g sail

  • Lines: 400 lb Vectran

Helix Wing Specifications

Helix options: (with standard options the Helix is the best value on the market)

  • - Hybrid construction (standard). The Helix was designed with sail fabric internally. This configuration only slightly adds to the pack volume (about 6-8 sq/ft) but we found that it adds performance and gives the wing that edge in speed, power, and bottom end. Other manufacturers charge for this option.

  • - Sliders: Removable slider with Removable Deployment System kit (standard). Collapsible drawstring slider (optional). Other manufactures charge extra for RDS option.

  • - Fabric/colors: You can choose from any of our available zero porosity (ZP) fabric colors for the top and bottom surfaces. You may also choose from one of our stock color patterns.


The Helix is available in sizes 67, 71, 75, 79, 84, 90, and 96.

helix patterns
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